IB Pre-Shredder SP220-700 Fully Operational at Millcon Burapa Plant

admin Mar, 19, 2021

IB Pre-Shredder successful operation at Millcon Burapa together with the relocation of the existing Shredder from Suntech Metals Co., Ltd facilities. IB Asia supplied the turnkey project of a scrap preparation plant at Millcon Burapa Co., Ltd. The supply consists of a new 70 ton/hr pre-shredder, the relocation of the existing shredder from Bowin facilities including shredder automation revamping, the relocation of two tower cranes, the supply of a brand new conveyor system, and all related project civil, mechanical, electrical and installation works. The objective of the investment is to decrease melt shop transformation costs by better managing steel scrap selection and EAF feeding, increasing the charging density as well as having more flexibility for the purchase of steel scrap.

Achieved Benefits:
– Reduction of processed scrap cost by 15 USD/Ton
– Reduction of melt shop power consumption by 50 kW/hr Ton
– Reduction of melt shop power-on time
– Increase melt shop productivity

The SP220-700 is mainly used for pre-shredding the ELV (end-of-life vehicle) and baler of empty cans, scrap cars, waste household appliances, and packing pieces with a density up to 1.4 T/m3 into small pieces, and then sent to the shredder for further processing, as a pre-treatment process before the shredder.